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Vikings Mentality offers a variety of solutions & packages 

training Package

Gym Equipment

nutrition Package

Oatmeal with Berries

If you’re looking to put on some size by building lean muscle or shredding unwanted fat, choose between our 3 or 5 day training plan.  Your nutrition is on point but you need someone to push and motivate you in the gym while making sure you are performing each exercise correctly. With most of our clients working jobs leaving them sedentary most of the day, we understand the impact it brings physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Most training sessions take place in one of our many private or semi-private locations across the metropolitan area; however, we will travel to your home or office by request.  

We design you custom meal plans sent via email or let us do the cooking and meal prep for you. Each meal is made up of whole clean foods without sacrificing taste and calculated to your personal macronutrient needs. Whether pick up or delivery, we got you covered. Ensure you hit your goals on schedule and choose between our 3 or 5 meals per day plan.If you're struggling to maintain a healthy and consistent diet, they're many different factors causing this: you have no idea what you’re supposed to eat or how much of it. Maybe you fail to cook something healthy that also tastes good, or simply just do not have time. Don’t worry, we have a solution for each of these issues. 

Premium Package

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If you’re looking for the best of both the training and nutrition packages The Premium is our fastest selling and most valuable service offered. In addition, it is the most effective method to achieving your desired outcome in the most efficient way possible. We remove nearly every obstacle standing between your current self and your ideal physique by instilling the Vikings Mentality within you.  As the owners and founders of this company, both Michelle and Logan instill this method of service into their own lives. We continuously adjust and modify on an ongoing basis. 

*Pick up location in Jersey City, NJ on specific days

*Delivery available upon request

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