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Our Services

Nutritional Optimization 

All encompassing meal plans  designed to your exact macronutrient and micronutrient needs. This reduces your time in figuring out what you need to eat and when, to better optimize your focus and decision making power in the board room.

Accountability & Check-ins ​

You have access to us 365 days per year. A central component of the Vikings Mentality business model is our commitment to your progress and success.  Communication will remain fluid throughout the process to ensure effective adherence to the schedule. 

Fitness Training

Workouts at locations of your choosing whether in your home, office, or at one of our facilities. The training sessions are adaptive as you progress, all the while staying committed to your established goals.  This space is entirely dedicated to you.

Consulting & Advising

As experts, we understand the impact a lack of effective health and stress management can have in every facet of your life. We not only provide the tools and guidance of training and nutrition but advise clients and teams during demanding times.

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